DentaSure: Safe and Effective Dental Spray

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, at three years of age, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of oral disease. If left untreated, teeth and gums may become infected, creating bacteria which can spread into the blood stream and infect other parts of the body.

Periodontal inflammation and infection (known as the “silent killer”) are linked to multiple dog dental and cat dental problems including:

Heart Disease Stroke Emphysema
Kidney Disease Liver Disease Diabetes
Osteoporosis Osteomyelitis Dlindness
Loss of Jaw Bone Nasal Infections Oral Cancer



The good dog dental /cat dental health and oral hygiene is critically important for today’s domesticated dogs and cats. You might even say it’s a matter of life or death.

But scrubbing away harmful bacteria and disease causing plaque and tartar with a tooth brush is… well, ridiculously difficult if not impossible. And taking your dog or cat in for professional teeth cleaning can easily cost up to $300.00 or more. Then there’s that whole problem of anesthetic shock … from which many dogs and cats don’t return.


 So what is  your option now?

DentaSure ® All-Natural Dental Spray, safe, effective and affordable “brushless” home dental care for your pet. Simply spray DentaSure ® on your dog or cat’s teeth twice each day for 2 to 4 weeks, then once a day for ongoing maintenance. It’s best to apply at least 30 minutes before or after feeding. (Instructions for cats and dogs of different sizes are on the label.) Watch years of ugly plaque and tartar vanish before your very eyes.

Dog Dental Sprays

A lot of people are seeing great results only after one week of use.

DentaSure ® All-Natural Dental Spray contains a scientific blend of legendary, certified organic ingredients that have stood the test of time and clinical scrutiny. When properly combined, these active ingredients deliver a dog dental care cocktail so powerful, it will help:

  • Remove layers of harmful plaque and tartar
  • Strengthen gums and teeth for optimum good health
  • Freshen breath and Reverse gingivitis
  • Bullet-Proof teeth against harmful cavities

Dog Teeth CleaningDentaSure ® is also available in gel form. It lets you apply directly on areas that need extra attention. You can use your finger, gauze or a toothbrush and focus on stubborn plaque and tartar.

Dog Dental Care


DentaSure ® DOES NOT contain grain alcohol. Unlike other dog dental health products on the market, DentaSure® contains no harmful alcohol. Holistic veterinarians agree that alcohol, even in very small amounts, can cause liver and kidney damage, nerve damage, and other harmful effects in dogs and cats.

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